Introducing ELA Recommendations!

There’s a new way to explore IXL

IXL Recommendations are now available for language arts! Just like our math recommendations, this personalized feature suggests skills for students to learn in order to target their trouble spots, challenge themselves, and explore new topics. It’s a brand new way for students to explore our language arts offerings and take ownership of their learning—and we can’t wait for you to try it!

Personalized recommendations based on your practice history

When students go to the Recommendations tab (found under Learning on, they’ll see a visual wall of recommended skills. These are curated based on their practice history and encourage students to continue working on skills they’ve practiced but haven’t mastered, try supporting skills for challenging topics, dive into brand new skills, and more.

These personalized recommendations update every time students practice on IXL, so they’ll always see fresh recommendations whenever they visit their wall.

In-skill support when you need it most

In addition to the Recommendations wall, recommended skills can be found at the bottom of the screen when you’re practicing a skill. Instead of getting stuck on a skill that’s too difficult, students can try these supporting skills, build confidence, and then feel prepared to return to the original skill. With this immediate access to building block skills that are the perfect level of difficulty, students can close knowledge gaps faster than ever! Plus, IXL keeps track of the path between recommended skills, so students can return to the original skill they were working on whenever they’re ready.

Supporting skills

With this new and exciting way to practice language arts, students are empowered to take ownership of their learning. To get started, check out your personalized recommendations page, or simply start practicing any language arts skill!