Thanks for the Memories! IXLers’ Favorite Customer Interactions

We couldn’t celebrate our 10th anniversary without sending out a big thank you to those who matter most: our customers! We asked IXL employees to think back on all the meaningful reactions they’ve had with customers and the responses are a great example of how much we enjoy connecting with you every day.

We have a relationship with a couple of the elementary schools in Millbrae, CA, so we’ve been able to do on-site visits. I bring people from the development team and the product team so they can come and see the kids using IXL. Those kind of customer interactions are so important. You can learn so much just from watching kids use IXL—and you get to see how excited they are as they’re learning!


When I first started working here I was a team of one and doing all of the design for IXL. When I would wear an IXL sweatshirt, kids would come up to me and say, “What?! You work at IXL? We do that at school and we love it!”


Years ago, there were two teachers from Florida who were visiting the area and asked if they could have a tour of headquarters. Now, there were around twenty employees at the time and I could actually shout from one end of the office to the other. So I said, “I’d love to meet you, but just so you know, a tour is going to take two minutes.” And they still wanted to come! They were on their vacation, which we know is precious to teachers, and they stopped by. I took them around the office and introduced them to different folks on staff. They were pretty blown away by the whole thing because we were a product that they loved. And it was really great to just build on their excitement.


Since I work on the family membership team, most of my conversations are with parents who are buying IXL for their children. I love knowing that I’m making a difference to the families that use IXL, but my favorite interactions are with adult learners who are buying the program for themselves. One example that stands out was an older gentleman who first saw IXL on his grandson’s iPad. After watching his grandson practice for a homework assignment, he called up IXL and bought a membership for himself! He said it was a great tool to keep his mind active and to re-learn math techniques he hadn’t thought about in more than 50 years!


I was visiting Lake Tahoe a year or two ago and I was wearing my IXL sweater. Somebody approached me and asked me about working at IXL and told me how much they loved it. It was a really nice interaction.