All Booked: IXLers Volunteer with Book Harvest

IXL Raleigh Employees Help Connect Kids with Books

April 6, 2018


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What do Anne of Green Gables, The Little Engine that Could, Dealing with Dragons, and The Magic School Bus have in common? All of these books were sorted by IXLers during a fun-filled day of volunteering with Book Harvest of Durham, North Carolina! On March 24, IXL employees booked it to this nonprofit to help categorize books that will be given to children throughout the area.

With brightly colored children’s books lining the walls and comfy couches perfect for reading, Book Harvest might look like a children’s bookstore—but this nonprofit runs a Community Book Bank that gives away books throughout the Triangle region. Thanks to Book Harvest, more than 779,000 books have found their way into children’s hands.

IXL volunteers helped unload boxes of books from a van and count up the donations. We also sorted and labeled some of the thousands of books that Book Harvest has received to date. Most of the morning was spent dividing children’s books into the categories of “Board Books,” “Picture Books,” “Easy Chapter Books,” and “Teen Books.” Many of us encountered books that we ourselves read and enjoyed as kids!

“My twelve-year-old self had so much fun sorting through the early-teen chapter books, and my adult self was thrilled to imagine those books in the hands of middle schoolers throughout the community,” said curriculum designer Stephanie Brown. “Such a great experience!”

One of Book Harvest’s guiding principles is the research-supported idea that the presence of books in the home positively impacts children’s academic success. Book Harvest works to help bridge the achievement gap by providing kids in need with free books. That way, children can grow their personal libraries and develop enthusiasm for reading from a young age.

Besides the Community Book Bank, Book Harvest also runs a number of programs that promote literacy and reading culture, including Book Babies, Books on Break, and Books to Go. For more information about Book Harvest and its mission, visit


By Amanda Simays, Curriculum Designer


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