IXL volunteers help restore a Bay Area park

IXLers tackle weeds and nurture native plants

May 1, 2018


Life at IXL

On the last day of March, IXLers gathered to work alongside the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy in restoring Mori Point in Pacifica.

While many locals were taking their furry companions out for a walk, IXLers started their morning off learning about the history behind Mori Point. Home to the threatened California red-legged frog and the endangered San Francisco garter snake, Mori Point was first home to pre-Columbian Native Americans, then operated as a farm and speakeasy for the Mori Point Inn in the 1920s. After the inn closed in 1965, the hillsides were used for motorcycle racing, creating scars on the hillside that are still visible.The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy has spent the last 16 years working alongside volunteers to restore Mori Point (this is where IXL comes in!).

It was very important that we work together to control the spread of weeds. With the rainfall this past month, the native plants have been at war with non-native plants (weeds) fighting for sunlight, and potentially threatening the coyote brush, blackberry plants, and bee plants planted by other volunteers. Many animals rely on the brush: rabbits, foxes and coyotes depend on it for shelter; birds and butterflies, for nectar; and insects, for nutrients. The survival of the coyote brush is essential for Mori Point’s habitat, and together we cleared out over twenty 70-gallon bags of weeds!

Although we were individually assigned a specific weed to remove, we felt accomplished as a group working together to restore Mori Point!

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, please visit: http://www.parksconservancy.org/

By Tatum Radcliffe, Operations Manager

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