Five research-based strategies for success with IXL

Explore simple ways to maximize student learning

The research is in, and 12 statewide studies prove that schools using IXL consistently outperform schools using any other product or method. Take a closer look at the findings here!

The research also revealed simple ways you can maximize student growth with IXL. Try one—or all!—of these strategies to strengthen The IXL Effect at your school.

Key insight: Five strategies for success

1. Answer at least 15 IXL questions per week. Our research shows that schools where students answer at least 15 IXL questions per week outperform all the others. This means that IXL does not require a significant time investment to see results. Try using IXL as a bell-ringer exercise, exit ticket, or station rotation activity, and keep in mind that a little IXL can go a long way!

2. Strive for mastery. IXL is designed to help students achieve authentic skill mastery, and research shows that this approach works! When students consistently reach proficiency and mastery of IXL skills, schools see as much as a 16-point bump on state assessments. Research also found that one additional IXL skill mastered, per student, per week, would lead to a large learning gain. Try setting a SmartScore goal of 80 (proficiency) on core skills, and encouraging students to reach for 100 (mastery) as an added challenge!

3. Use multiple IXL subjects. Research shows that schools achieve even greater performance gains when they support student learning with both IXL Math and IXL Language Arts. Ensuring students receive the same high-quality support across subjects is a simple pathway to success.

4. Build a consistent IXL culture across all grades. Schools that implement IXL across all grade levels consistently see greater growth on state assessments.

5. The longer you use IXL, the greater the IXL Effect. Schools that used IXL for multiple years demonstrated increasing gains over time, and research shows that school performance continues to improve after using IXL for 2 and 3 years. Whether you’re brand-new to IXL or have been a member since the beginning, be sure to keep the momentum going!

IXL is proven to accelerate learning—and these simple strategies can help maximize success! Want to learn more? See how tens of thousands of schools across the country are experiencing The IXL Effect.