IXLers start the day volunteering at Lands End

On a foggy Saturday morning in July, IXLers gathered to volunteer at Lands End, a beautiful park that’s part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) in San Francisco.

We started the day by cleaning off our shoes and getting our equipment: gloves, pick, basket, and kneeling pad. Then, we learned more about the plant species in the area, and how we could help! 

We learned that the Monterey cypress, a tree seen in many iconic areas of San Francisco, was actually planted in Lands End in the 1920s. As these trees begin to fall, the GGNRA has been carefully planting native species in the clearings they leave behind. This involves removing other invasive species that have set in — which is where IXL comes in! 

First, we learned how to identify many types of invasive species. They included:

  • Lambs quarter
  • Sow thistle
  • Tree mallow
  • New Zealand spinach
  • Ehrharta grass
  • Nightshade

Then, we started pulling and gathering them in our bags!

During our snack break, we learned more about the history of Lands End, including the Cliff House, Sutro Baths, steam train, ferris wheel, and more! 

Recharged and refueled, we went on to collect nearly eight more bags of weeds. Overall, we filled 32 ¾ bags — a full 10 bags above the average amount for a group our size.

We were glad to help ensure that local rare species and unique ecological communities will have a home at Lands End. Plus, we had tons of fun!

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, please visit: http://www.parksconservancy.org/