New Reading skill plan for the NWEA MAP Growth!

Find the skills that are right for your RIT score

Earlier this year, we introduced skill plans for the NWEA MAP Growth math assessments–now, we’ve added skill plans for the NWEA MAP Growth Reading assessment! Read on to learn more about how this new resource can help students prepare for the exams and improve their RIT scores! 

IXL’s NWEA MAP reading skill plans for K-2 and 2-5 cover all of the MAP instructional areas, including foundational skills, language and writing, literary and informational texts, and vocabulary use and functions.

Our alignments point students to the IXL skills in each area that correspond with their RIT score, so they can quickly find and practice skills that will help them improve. Additionally, teachers can suggest problems to students from skill plans and monitor their progress in the Analytics tab. 

Check out the new skill plans here! You can also review this guide for more information on how to use them.