5 ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

Celebrate educators from a safe social distance!

Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8) is fast approaching, and it’s a great time to show how much we love and appreciate our hard-working teachers! Since we can’t give teachers gifts in person this year, here are a few simple ways to show gratitude for the educator in your child’s life.


Video message

Have your child film a short video that you can email to their teacher—it will warm their heart to see a personal message from their student! Grab a camera or your phone and record your child talking about why they appreciate their teacher and what their teacher has helped them learn this year. You could even record your child as they are doing schoolwork (or practicing on IXL!) to show their teacher how focused they are at home.


A Note from the Heart

Teachers would love to read a handwritten note from their student! Since we can’t physically give cards to our teachers, encourage your child to write a short letter, draw a picture, or create a card sharing their appreciation. Then, take a picture of the note and email it to their teacher. If needed, give your child a prompt, such as: “I miss seeing you in class every day because __________ , but I am having fun learning from home by __________ .”  


Special Delivery!

Thank your teacher while supporting your local businesses! Send your child’s teacher a thoughtful treat from small businesses who are making deliveries in your area, like flowers from a nearby florist or cupcakes from a local bakery. You could even send your child’s teacher a meal to eat for lunch in between their virtual teaching sessions.


Send an eGift Card

An easy gift is to send a virtual gift card to your child’s teacher.  You can show appreciation for the long hours teachers work to help our students by emailing them an eGift card for groceries, coffee, Amazon, or even a bookstore!


Class caravan

This one takes some coordination, but you can organize the whole class to drive caravan-style past your child’s teacher’s house and cheer for them. Each student would stay in their own family’s car, but could roll down their window and wave to their teacher from a safe distance. (Just be sure to let your teacher know when to expect the caravan!) Families can even decorate their cars ahead of time to demonstrate how much they appreciate their teacher. This could be a joyful moment for your child’s teachers who miss seeing their students!

To all of our IXL teachers out there, thank you for all that you do, both in the classroom and out!