Discover IXL implementation guides for distance learning

We’ve recently released a variety of 3-step implementation guides that gives educators new ways to keep students learning from home! Just head over to IXL’s At-home Learning Hub to check them out.

IXL for At-Home Learning
Get tips for how to assign daily skills, set SmartScore goals, and use IXL Analytics to check on how much progress your students have made.

IXL for At-Home Learning: Spring Spotlight
Learn how to use IXL’s Spring Spotlight plans—day-by-day lessons that cover essential skills in each grade—to keep students on track.

IXL for the Virtual Classroom
Find out how you can use IXL to deliver instruction via Zoom and monitor progress using the Live Classroom report.

At-Home Learning: Individual Action Plans
Use the Real-Time Diagnostic to create personalized action plans that help learners fill in knowledge gaps and progress in overall grade proficiency.

At-Home Learning: Personalized Practice
Use the Recommendations wall to empower student choice and set practice goals, then track progress using IXL Analytics to deliver at-home personalized learning.