IXL tools to support new teachers

It’s a unique time to be a brand-new teacher. Not only are you navigating a new profession, but you also have the added challenges of the 2020-21 school year, as many schools have shifted to distance or hybrid learning models. 

IXL has first-year educators covered to take on this unique school year with an array of tools and features that will allow you to provide high-quality instruction—no matter where you’re teaching from. See how to use our skill plans to tailor lessons to your state standards, learn how to keep students on track from home, and more to start your first year off on the right foot.

Skill plans make lesson planning a breeze

If you’re a first-year teacher, you may still be getting up to speed learning all of the standards required for your state. IXL’s skill plans can help get you there faster. We offer skill plans for all 50 states and each one breaks down every math and ELA standard into targeted skills, saving you time with ready-made lesson plans. IXL also has skill plans aligned to over 40 popular textbook series and test prep plans for high-stakes assessments!

Learn more about how to put these skill plans into action with this guide!

Easily assign skills to differentiate instruction

As you come across specific skills you would like to assign to a class, student, or an entire roster, use the Suggested Skills feature to point them directly to those skills. This tool is great for helping first-year teachers differentiate instruction and guiding students toward skills that are relevant for them.

Read this blog post to see how you will put Suggested Skills to use!

Set goals with SmartScore

IXL’s SmartScore helps new teachers quickly grasp a students’ true understanding of a skill. When introducing a concept in class, set a SmartScore goal of 80 (proficiency) or 90 (excellence) for your students. If your students are ready for an extra challenge, have them strive for mastery. When a student achieves a score of 100 on IXL, you can feel confident that they have truly mastered that skill.

Learn more about how SmartScore works in your classroom with this video

Assess student knowledge with the Real-Time Diagnostic

Since you’re learning about your students for the first time, a helpful feature that will lend insight into their knowledge levels is the Real-Time Diagnostic. The diagnostic is an indispensable tool that provides up-to-the-minute data on students’ reading and math proficiency, so you understand learners’ needs right away without having to wait for benchmark assessment results. As students work in the diagnostic, you are provided information about where students’ skill levels are and how to get them to where they need to be.

Read this guide to find out how to use it in class!

Keep learners on track with Live Classroom and Live Message 

When teaching from home, Live Classroom provides a bird’s eye view of what skills your class is working on and how everyone is doing in real time. The feature also helps first-year teachers more effectively manage a classroom by alerting you if a student is struggling or idle. 

Establishing lines of communication to directly address the needs of students is key for new teachers. If you notice someone is having trouble, use the Live Message feature to immediately send a note offering help.