How to use IXL in your summer school classroom

IXL makes your summer school planning a breeze! With these simple steps, you can easily identify and close knowledge gaps in your summer school classroom. You’ll see how to assess student needs, personalize learning, pick your ready-made content plan, and track growth throughout the summer—all on IXL. 

Assess student needs

When summer school starts, you’ll want a quick way to find your new student’s knowledge levels. The IXL Real-Time Diagnostic assesses students’ grade-level proficiency in math and English language arts, so you’ll be able to see exactly what each student knows, and how you can help them improve!

The best part? The initial diagnostic assessment only takes 45 minutes per subject. This doesn’t need to be done in one sitting, so you can break it up into shorter sessions that work for your summer school schedule. 

Once students have completed their initial assessment, you’ll see their current knowledge levels across key strands. Plus, students’ levels will stay up to date by answering just 10-15 diagnostic questions each week. 

Learn more about using the IXL Diagnostic in your summer school classroom in this video, or check out our implementation guide

Personalize learning

The Real-Time Diagnostic creates a personalized action plan for growth based on each students’ current knowledge levels. These are the exact IXL skills that will help each student close their learning gaps and build on their knowledge!

You can automatically personalize learning by setting aside some time each day for students to work on their recommended skills. These can be found on their Diagnostic student stats page, or through their Recommendations wall. Students can feel empowered to select which of their recommended skills they’d like to work on next, and you can rest assured that they’re working on skills that meet their unique needs.

Plus, there are many ways you can use your students’ diagnostic results to personalize learning. For example, you can use the Diagnostic Strand Analysis report to form small groups based on student needs. And, you can use the Progress and Growth report to monitor growth throughout the summer. 


Use ready-made content plans

Will your summer school curriculum be using a textbook or following state standards? Check out IXL skill plans! These plans are made up of custom-built IXL skills for each textbook chapter and state standard, so you’ll always have content that perfectly matches each lesson.

IXL has also created math and ELA plans that are perfect for summer school: Summer Boost skill plans. These plans provide 20 days’ worth of skill recommendations focused on essential concepts that will get students ready for the next school year. Students should select their grade for the upcoming fall—for example, rising third graders should use the third grade plan.


Track progress throughout the summer

IXL Analytics has actionable reports that will help you monitor growth and tailor your instruction accordingly. You can pinpoint specific trouble spots, simplify grading, and more. These three popular teacher reports are a great place to get started.

Plus, you can encourage students to track their progress throughout the summer with diagnostic tracking worksheets for math and ELA. By giving students direct insight into their own growth, they’ll feel more ownership over their learning.


Explore more summer resources

For even more ways to use IXL, check out our additional implementation guides, including for any classroom format. You can also use our summer resources to help keep students motivated throughout the summer. From learning guides to games and printables, there’s something fun for everyone!