3 ways to save instructional time with IXL

There are tons of ways that IXL can save you time! Let’s take a look at three teacher-favorite features that help you plan lessons, personalize learning, and form small groups—all while saving you instructional time.

Ready-made lesson plans

IXL’s curriculum includes more than 8,000 skills across K-12 subjects. But you don’t have to search to find the perfect one! 

IXL skill plans outline the exact skills you’ll need to reinforce every lesson. These lesson plans are made up of custom-built skills that perfectly match each chapter of your textbook, state standards, assessment goals, and more. Simply select the skill plan that supports your core curriculum, and you’ll have the exact skills you need at your fingertips.

To make things even easier, you can assign skills and track student progress directly through your skill plan. Learn more about how to use them in your classroom here:


Simple assessments with clear next steps

With the IXL Real-Time Diagnostic, it only takes 45 minutes to pinpoint a student’s grade-level proficiency! This gives you a clear picture of each student’s needs and how you can help them grow, without a huge time commitment.

The best part? The diagnostic determines precisely what students should work on next Based on their current knowledge levels, each student will receive their own personalized action plan of the exact IXL skills that they’re ready to learn. Working on these skills is a great way to automatically personalize learning, as each student will close gaps and build on their current knowledge.

Check it out:

Small groups based on shared needs

Want to help as many students as possible, but only have a few minutes? The Trouble Spots report automatically groups students based on the exact problem type they’re stuck on. These groups are perfect for small-group instruction!

The Trouble Spots report even provides specific examples of problems the students are struggling with, so you have the exact content you need for a quick reteach.

See Trouble Spots in action:


Want even more time-saving strategies? Explore IXL implementation guides, videos, and more on our teacher resources page.