Introducing personalized MAP study plans!

MAP Growth tests help students pinpoint where they stand on grade-level skills. And with IXL’s personalized MAP study plans, students can turn those results into learning roadmaps! Created in partnership with NWEA, these study plans use a learner’s MAP Growth results to generate a list of IXL skills to work on next to quickly grow their knowledge. 

Personalized MAP study plans are available for the MAP Growth Math, Reading, and Language assessments. Check out how learners can create their own study plans below! 

Creating a personalized MAP study plan 

For their individual plan, a student will be able to enter their math, reading, and language RIT scores from the MAP Growth exam. We recommend adding subscores as well to provide even more targeted skills! Teachers can also enter scores individually for each of their students. 

After inputting their RIT scores, IXL will generate a personalized study plan for each student that lists the IXL skills they’re most ready to work on next. These skills are organized by MAP instructional areas. For example, the math portion of the study plan will show personalized skills under Numbers and Operations, Measurement and Data, etc. 

Putting the personalized MAP study plan to use 

The IXL skills found on each study plan are perfectly leveled for every student, giving teachers an easy way to differentiate instruction and help their students make structured progress. We recommend that students aim to reach a SmartScore of 80 on each skill to demonstrate that they have a proficient knowledge of each concept. 

Keeping the MAP study plan up to date 

Updating study plans after each benchmark exam ensures that students are efficiently and effectively building on their knowledge. Each new round of RIT scores will generate a new set of targeted IXL skills to work on! 

If students are between benchmark exams, they can always click “I’m ready for more” to see the next set of skills. 

What if a student doesn’t have exact test scores?

IXL’s NWEA MAP Growth skill plans are a useful tool for all students! With pre-defined score ranges, students can complete the IXL skills aligned to each instructional area for their RIT score range and grow from where they are. 

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