6 ways IXL can help your child reach their full potential

To help your child reach their full potential, they have to have the right tools. Luckily, IXL has all the tools they need in one place! IXL will help your child build confidence while mastering skills in a range of subjects, including math, English language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish.

From personalized learning plans to exciting awards and certificates, IXL keeps kids motivated and interested in building their knowledge through fun features!

Check out a selection of ways that IXL can help your child reach their full academic potential — all accessible with any family membership plan

Unlimited practice 

IXL ensures your child is never limited by their grade level! With an IXL family membership, your child will have unlimited access to all grade levels in the subject(s) you subscribe to, so they can always work on the exact skills that meet their needs. 

That means learners of all levels can build strong foundational knowledge and strive for success, whether they’re looking to review prior math concepts or challenge themselves with new language arts skills.

IXL’s Real-Time Diagnostic 

To support your learner in reaching their goals, IXL will identify exactly where they stand and which skills can help them grow. With IXL’s Real-Time Diagnostic, learners answer questions in math and English language arts to determine their knowledge levels. 

Then, IXL generates a personalized action plan with skills that challenge them at their level! From filling knowledge gaps to facilitating meaningful progress, the Real-Time Diagnostic ensures your child has a deep understanding of key foundational concepts and can move forward with confidence. 

Recommendations wall 

Inspire your learner to explore new skills! Using information from the Real-Time Diagnostic and prior IXL practice, the Recommendations wall provides limitless questions from skills that your child is ready to work on next to maximize their progress. The built-in variety of the Recommendations wall keeps your child engaged and learning for longer! 

IXL Analytics 

Keeping your learner on track has never been easier. With IXL Analytics, you can monitor your child’s progress across every skill! 

Start with the student score chart to see where your child has reached proficiency and where they might need more practice. Then, review exact questions they’ve missed in the Trouble Spots report. IXL Analytics helps you provide targeted support to your learner wherever they need it. 

The IXL app

Learning doesn’t stop outside of homework time! Take IXL on the go with the IXL app. You’ll have the same great IXL features alongside mobile-exclusives, including the ability to handwrite answers and work through problems by drawing on the screen! 

Awards and certificates

When your child masters a skill or reaches a milestone, it’s time to celebrate! Cheer them on as they earn awards for their progress, and check out the certificates center for opportunities to display their progress in your home. Once your learner answers 10,000 or more questions, you can have them featured on IXL’s weekly Rockstar Roundup