Using IXL awards and certificates to inspire learning

IXL includes many fun ways to keep students motivated, including IXL awards and certificates! 

These printable and virtual prizes reward students for a variety of accomplishments, offering students fun incentives throughout their learning journey on IXL.

Let’s dive into these handy features and how you can use them to inspire student learning.


Printable certificates

As students reach new milestones, IXL creates personalized certificates to recognize their hard work! These milestones include: 

  • Number of questions practiced
  • Amount of time spent practicing
  • Number of skills with ‘excellent’ scores 

You can find all of your student’s certificates in the Certificates center. If you’d like, new certificates can also be emailed to you each week to keep track of student progress! In the Profile & settings of your IXL account, simply select “Receive weekly summary emails.”

Want to create a specific certificate to recognize a unique accomplishment? IXL also offers customizable certificates that you can personalize to the achievement that will be most motivating for your learners.

Printing out IXL certificates is a great way to celebrate students’ success, as the tangible (and official) paper can help them take pride in what they’ve accomplished. You can even designate a special space to display them. Whether it’s a classroom wall or at home, it’s easy to create a physical “Certificates center” of your own with our bulletin board printable pack.

And, learners who go above and beyond are recognized as IXL Rockstars! The IXL Rockstar program celebrates students who have answered 10,000 questions individually or 100,000 questions collectively as a class. Once students reach this milestone, their certificate photo can be featured in IXL’s weekly Rockstar Roundup!

IXL awards

IXL awards are virtual prizes that students earn for a variety of accomplishments in math and English language arts.

IXL’s math awards are students’ own personal game board, and each grade level has its own world to explore—from a winter wonderland to outer space. The more challenges students conquer, the more prizes they can uncover! Students can hover over each question mark to see which challenges they’re ready to tackle next. 

IXL’s Language arts awards are made up of special collections of unique prizes. By completing various achievements, students will watch their collection of balloon animals expand or your nesting doll collection stack up! For every achievement level they meet—from mastering ten skills to answering one hundred questions—students will collect another fun-filled item.

Once a student has earned an award, they’ll see a star that they can click on to reveal their new prize. There’s also a special way that students can celebrate their awards within their IXL account: by making an award their avatar! Watch this video to see how:

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