What’s new on IXL – January 2022

At IXL, we strive to keep our personalized learning platform in line and up to date with students’ evolving needs. That’s why we compile a list of our top new features to help you—as a learner, educator, or parent—get the most out of IXL.

Keep reading below for the first roundup of releases of the new year, including IXL Winter Adventures, video tutorials for Algebra 1 skills, more Spanish support for math skills and Checkpoints, and more!

New features

IXL Winter Adventures

IXL’s Winter Adventures are here to give K-8 students a fun learning experience for the winter season! The Winter Adventures skill plans provide 20 days of math and English language arts skills, challenges, and offline activities to keep students engaged while it’s cold outside. You can assign skills directly from the plans and track learner progress using Analytics, or print them out as a PDF. Try out one of the adventures here.

Image of IXL Winter Adventure

New math skill plans

We’ve added the following textbook skill plans:

  • enVision Math 2.0 Virginia Edition Grades 6-8
  • enVision Florida Mathematics 2020 Grades 6, 7, and Pre-algebra

We have also completed the remaining chapters for these skill plans:

  • Origo Stepping Stones 2.0 Grade 1
  • Math Connects Course 2 Grade 7
  • Reveal Math Courses 2 and 3 (Grades 7 and 8)
  • Agile Mind Intensified Algebra 1

ELA skill plans

We have added the following new skill plans: 

  • Units of Study for Teaching Writing Grade K
  • Mirrors and Windows Grade 12
  • SpringBoard 2021 Grade 6

This completes the Units of Study textbook series!

Updated features

Video tutorials for Algebra I

We now have over 230 video tutorials for Algebra 1 skills! This includes more than half of the skills in Algebra I, including most of the Common Core-aligned skills. The remaining skills will have videos added in the coming weeks. See one of the new videos here by clicking “Watch a tutorial” at the top of the practice screen.

Image of Algebra 1 video tutorial

More Spanish support for math

We’ve expanded our Spanish-language support to include a few dozen new math skills in grades 4 through Geometry. These newly supported skills involve topics such as converting fractions to decimals, solving equations with variables on both sides, proving triangles congruent, and graphing exponential functions.

Additionally, our math translation coverage now extends to select Checkpoints in Algebra 1! Here’s a peek at one of our favorites. These work just like other translated skills, except that when students answer a problem incorrectly, they’ll see a translated explanation for the exact problem they saw. In other translated skills, students are instead given a translated example similar to the problem they saw.

Keep an eye out for even more Spanish-supported Checkpoints in the coming months!