Students have answered 100 billion questions on IXL!

Learners have reached an incredible new milestone! Since 2007, students have collectively answered more than 100,000,000,000 questions on IXL. 

We’d like to extend a huge congratulations to each learner who contributed to this amazing feat! Currently, more than 800,000 teachers rely on IXL in their classrooms and 300,000 families trust IXL at home. Overall worldwide, more than 13 million students are using IXL to achieve their learning goals!



Research shows that answering just 15 IXL questions per week impacts student success. With this in mind, 100 billion questions represents a truly significant amount of learning.

With a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, individualized guidance, and real-time analytics, IXL meets the unique needs of each learner. Each IXL question adapts in difficulty to help learners grow from where they are, while immediate feedback helps students learn from their mistakes and make lasting progress.

We’re so excited to watch students continue to excel on IXL. The current number of questions students have answered is growing fast, and can always be found at the bottom of the IXL homepage.

In addition to this exciting collective milestone, students can celebrate their personal achievements with IXL’s built-in awards and certificates

Want to learn more about IXL’s impact? See IXL’s efficacy studies on our research page.