How to help your child flourish with IXL’s Family Learning Hub

Every resource you need to support their learning!

Academic growth doesn’t just happen in the classroom! IXL is here to support your child’s success in every learning environment—and the IXL team knows that you’re there to support them, too, every step of the way. 

IXL’s Family Learning Hub was built with you in mind. Whether you’re new to IXL or interested in diving into everything IXL has to offer, the learning hub is the perfect place to find the resources you need to ensure they’re on track. 

Here’s how you can help your child thrive on IXL—and how you can put the hub’s resources to use! 

Start strong on IXL

New to IXL? There’s so much to explore! IXL’s Family Learning Hub has a dedicated guide to help you get acquainted with IXL in minutes, with easy and effective ways to get your child engaged and learning. 

From there, you can check out tips and tricks on how to make the most out of learning on the go with IXL’s mobile app! And before they even start their first skill, get acquainted with the hub’s IXL Analytics guide, which walks you through several key ways to monitor your child’s progress.

Find the plan that supports their learning needs 

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the basics, it’s time to choose a plan to guide your child’s practice. The same custom-built skill plans used by teachers are also available for parents! 

In IXL’s Family Learning Hub, you’ll find two kinds of skill plans: Seasonal Spotlight skill plans and Weekly Boost skill plans. Available for K-8 math and language arts, Seasonal Spotlight skill plans align IXL skills with fun themes to keep skills fresh from week-to-week. 

IXL’s Weekly Boost skill plans take it one step further, providing a full year of curriculum PK-12 math and language arts learners! 

For a more personalized approach, the hub has resources on IXL’s Diagnostic, which generates a personalized action plan with the exact skills your child can work on to boost their growth. For older learners, personalized SAT & ACT study plans are also available! 

Connect them with motivational tools that empower independent learning 

When your child gets stuck on a topic, IXL ensures they have the tools they need to get back on track. From engaging video tutorials to detailed problem explanations, the hub’s articles and videos walk you through every tool and where to access them. 

Check out the hub to learn more about motivational tools you can use to build your child’s confidence, including printable resources and IXL workbooks! 

Keep track of IXL updates 

IXL is always adding new features based on feedback from users like you. The IXL Family Learning Hub is the perfect place to check in on IXL’s latest additions. Bookmark the page to stay up to date on all the new resources IXL has to offer!