Fun ways to keep your child learning this summer

Summer break is here, but that doesn’t mean we need to take a learning break! Help kids stay engaged with fun learning activities so they’ll be ready to jump back in when school starts again.

Here are some easy and entertaining ways to keep your child learning over the summer and set them up for success in the fall.

Embark on an educational adventure 

Take a learning journey and discover new topics or explore old ones with IXL’s summer skill plans. Our Summer Boost skill plans help learners review important skills from the previous school year to build a strong foundation for the fall. And IXL Summer Adventures recommends new topics across all IXL subjects through fun-themed activities for kids to stay engaged over the break.

Motivate them with incentives

Tap into your child’s innate competitiveness and motivate learning through contests and rewards. Over the summer, learners can participate in IXL’s annual Study in the Sun contest. Encourage kids to continue practicing on IXL over break for a chance to win an amazing prize! 

IXL’s summer bingo boards are also an entertaining way to challenge kids to complete goals for prizes. Need easy ideas for rewards? Use IXL’s practice coupons to celebrate success and motivate summer learning.

Take learning wherever you go 

Planning to go on a road trip or an overseas vacation this summer? Make time in the car or the plane pass faster with some fun learning!  

The IXL app makes it easy to refresh knowledge or practice new skills on the go during summer vacation. Progress is synced seamlessly across devices so learners can pick up wherever they left off. Plus, keep your child engaged with interactive app features such as animated visuals, handwriting recognition, and scratchpad tools! 

Along the way, kids can also brush up on their math skills with IXL’s math workbooks. These workbooks feature colorful visuals and useful tips, helping learners master essential math skills in grades 1-5. Whether you’re anticipating unreliable internet access or just want to give your child some time away from screens, the IXL workbook collection is perfect for offline learning!

Level up with games

For some playful summer learning, explore IXL’s new educational games. Learners will enter a vibrant world filled with lively animations, unique characters, and interactive challenges as they practice English and math skills. It’s an exciting way to help kids balance learning and playing! 

Looking for more summer fun? Head to our summer resource hub for additional activities to keep children motivated during the school break. And stay up to date on all things IXL through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.