A game-changing learning solution for Tucson Unified School District

Tucson Unified School District needed an education solution that created an optimal learning and working environment for students and teachers. With IXL, Tucson Unified found a game-changing program that empowers students through personalized learning, informs families all school year, and gives teachers more time to do what they love, teaching. 

IXL’s adaptive program supports students at their level and encourages them to own their growth as they learn. Teachers are confident that instruction is aligned to their curriculum, and they love the built-in differentiation tools, variety of engagement resources, and that students ask for specific help along the way.

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A model for success at Tucson Unified School District:

  • IXL supports Tucson Unified School District’s multicultural pluralistic community of 86 schools and over 41,000 students.
  • Students build confidence and comfort in learning through immediate feedback, detailed growth reports, and control over the pace of their education.
  • Teachers improve their instruction with lessons aligned to their curriculum and state standards, detailed reports on hidden trouble spots, and time-saving educational resources all in one place.
  • Actionable analytics support the entire district from high-level performance insights for administrators to grade or class level feedback for teachers, and personalized action plans for students.
  • IXL’s district partnership team provides seamless implementation support that eases teachers into the program so they can hit the ground running on day one.
  • With IXL’s variety of engagement tools, like Group Jams, Leaderboards, and the IXL mobile app, Tucson Unified students learn the way that fits them best.

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