Tips for supporting your child’s learning at school

Help your child thrive this year with IXL! We’ve put together a packed list of resources you can use to monitor their assignments and provide support on topics they’re struggling with. Plus, IXL automatically tracks your child’s progress, so you’ll have immediate insight into their classroom growth! 

From encouraging their curiosity on the Recommendations wall to providing support with video tutorials, here’s how you can maximize your child’s success in the classroom and beyond. 

See assigned skills on the Recommendations wall 

When your child signs into IXL, they’ll be greeted by the Recommendations wall! Here, you’ll find an endless list of skills tailored to what your child has worked on in class. This is a great way to encourage your child to explore topics they’re interested in, build their understanding within skills they’ve started, or preview upcoming concepts. 

The Recommendations wall also allows you to quickly review the skills your child’s teacher has assigned. To do so, access their assigned skills at the top of the page. Your child can click on any of the skills listed to start practicing! 

Provide homework help with instructional tools

When your child gets stuck, IXL’s instructional tools are here to help—and every tool is easily accessible from every skill practice page! 

When your child chooses a skill to work on, you’ll notice a “learn with an example” button at the top of the page. Here, you and your child can read through a detailed walkthrough of an example problem that mirrors the questions you’ll encounter. 

Next to the “Learn with an example” button is the “Watch a tutorial” link. You’ll find this button on nearly all 3rd grade through Geometry math skills! Click this button to view bite-sized video tutorials that break down the topic even further. Here’s a sample video tutorial on a 5th grade skill. 

As your child progresses through the skill, they’ll receive immediate feedback and detailed answer explanations on questions they answer incorrectly. If they’re not feeling quite ready to tackle a skill, they can review foundational topics in the “Work it out” section at the bottom of the skill practice page! 

Guide your child’s growth with the Diagnostic Action Plan 

Teachers often have students use IXL’s Diagnostic to measure where students stand throughout the year. This way, teachers can provide math and English language arts instruction tailored to your child’s unique knowledge levels! 

If your child has used IXL’s Diagnostic in class, you’ll be able to access a personalized action plan. This plan includes information on your child’s overall math or English language arts levels, as well as their levels in specific topic areas, like Numbers & Operations. 

The recommended skills underneath each strand or topic area are the exact next steps your child can take to grow from where they are! You’ll find these same skills available on the Recommendations wall. 

If your child does not use IXL’s Diagnostic at school, you can have them use the Diagnostic at home and work through their action plan independently. 

Track progress with IXL’s Student Summary report

IXL automatically tracks your child’s progress, and IXL’s Student Summary report allows you to see it all in one place. 

With four distinct sections, this report allows you to see: 

  • Their knowledge level growth throughout the school year
  • Skills they’ve excelled in (reached a SmartScore of 80 or higher) 
  • Trouble spots (skills they need extra support on)
  • Resources you can use to help them thrive from home 

Plus, it’s an easy, central way to access the Diagnostic Action Plan and assigned skills! 

Interested in learning more? IXL’s Family Learning Hub is a year-round resource filled with guides, videos, and printable resources that can help you make the most of IXL.