IXL District Analytics: New diagnostic reports!

IXL’s District Analytics make it easy for administrators to drill down into data at every level. And now IXL has four new diagnostic reports that provide even more insight and control over student knowledge levels. With powerful filtering, easy-to-read visuals, and seamless export options, you can compare performance across your district and identify key trends in minutes. 

Let’s take a look at how each report works and how you can use them to boost growth at every level. 

Report walkthrough: Four detailed reports 

IXL’s diagnostic reports quickly get you the data you need: Keep your filters high-level to see math performance across all schools and grades, or take a deep dive into 7th grade performance across Numbers & Operations.  

Each report has the same easy-to-read format, with advanced filtering at the top, clear visuals below that, and a searchable table to pull key student, teacher, and classroom information at the bottom. 

  • Diagnostic Levels: Quickly identify students that are on, above, or below grade level, as well as those who are in an assessment window or have yet to pinpoint their levels. 
  • Diagnostic Tier Analysis: View the exact students within a specific performance bucket (above grade, on grade, below grade, etc) and their diagnostic levels.
  • Diagnostic Strands: Drill down into performance by strands. From Numbers & Operations to Writing Strategies, see average student performance for a single grade level.
  • Snapshot Growth: For schools conducting benchmarking with the Diagnostic Snapshot, the Snapshot Growth report allows you to visualize progress for all completed Snapshots in a single school year. 

Reach district-wide goals with Real-Time and Snapshot data

Tracking knowledge levels using IXL’s Real-Time Diagnostic makes it possible to see up-to-date knowledge levels year-round, while Snapshot benchmarking allows you to track growth between benchmarks throughout the year. 

IXL’s diagnostic reports are flexible, providing deeper insight into student knowledge levels for both kinds of assessment. Filter and manipulate data to: 

  • Quickly identify students that need intervention (Diagnostic Levels)
  • Make informed decisions about classroom placement (Diagnostic Tier Analysis)
  • Assess the efficacy of building or classroom-specific learning strategies (Diagnostic Strands)
  • Track growth between Diagnostic Snapshots to measure success (Snapshot Growth – Snapshot only)

No matter what your goals are, IXL’s diagnostic reports give you the power to uncover district, school, and classroom trends within minutes. 

Export diagnostic data to guide key conversations 

Powerful data is meant to be shared. Once you’ve honed in on the exact data you need, click the “export” button on any report to download a shareable .CSV file. This way, you can use IXL’s Diagnostic data to enhance discussion with building leads and establish data-backed strategies for growth. 

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