Diaper Duty: IXLers Volunteer at the Diaper Bank of NC

On the last Saturday of September, a group of IXLers volunteered for diaper duty. They spent the day at the Diaper Bank of North Carolina, sorting and packing diapers and other supplies for families throughout the state. In addition to distributing basic necessities, the Diaper Bank’s mission is to advocate for policy reform, raise community awareness, and improve access to personal hygiene products for families living in poverty.

In the aftermath of the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence, the Diaper Bank was inundated with donations for affected areas in southeastern North Carolina. To meet the urgent need in communities across the state, the Diaper Bank collected, sorted, and distributed hundreds of thousands of diapers and other hygiene products on a nearly daily basis following the storm. On the day IXLers arrived to help out, the Diaper Bank was focused on regrouping and reorganizing following the initial crisis response.

After IXLers learned about the vision and mission of the Diaper Bank, they were split into groups to work on different projects. Some volunteers conducted inventories of donated items, while others worked in the warehouse to collect diapers and wipes in boxes and organize them on pallets for delivery. While IXLers organized the shipments, they also counted the individual number of diapers and wipes in order to help the Diaper Bank keep accurate distribution records. They were amazed by the sheer number of donated items. One pallet alone held 47,363 diaper wipes!

IXL volunteers agreed that helping out at the Diaper Bank was a rewarding experience. “I enjoyed learning about the important function that the Diaper Bank has in our community,” said account specialist Matthew Karendal. “It was gratifying to be able to assist, especially after Hurricane Florence.”

“Volunteering at the Diaper Bank of NC gave me more perspective about the stress experienced by families in our community who struggle to afford basic needs for their children,” added curriculum designer Amanda Simays. “It was also inspiring to see how well the Diaper Bank collects, organizes, and distributes such a large volume of diapers.”

For more information about the Diaper Bank of North Carolina, please visit https://ncdiaperbank.org/volunteer/.

By Lukas Epps-Dawson, Account Manager

Photos courtesy of Amanda Simays, Curriculum Designer