The Most Important Meal of the Day: IXLers Serve Up Breakfast at the Women’s Center of Wake County

On the morning of January 12th, a group of IXL volunteers arrived at the Women’s Center of Wake County in Raleigh, NC with homemade breakfast dishes and clothing donations in hand. After setting up eighteen dishes that included everything from tomato quiche to salami jalapeño corn muffins, the volunteers served breakfast to women experiencing homelessness in the Triangle.

The breakfast ran for a few hours and about 30 women stopped by and enjoyed a sit-down meal. As they served, IXLers were able to talk with the women attending the breakfast and learn how the Women’s Center has impacted their lives.

“It was a humbling experience,” said Melanie Markley, senior operations coordinator at IXL. “Getting the opportunity to speak with a handful of the women and hear their hearts, and to meet their needs right where they were at, was a priceless moment that I will reflect on and won’t take for granted.”

The Women’s Center of Wake County is the only day center in the Triangle area focused on providing safety, stability, and life-saving resources to homeless women. These resources include medical services, counseling services, food, hygiene items, and clothing. The Women’s Center serves 30 to 50 women every day, providing a place for women to drop in after they are required to leave local shelters each morning. With about 5,000 Triangle residents experiencing homelessness, many of whom are women, the Women’s Center of Wake County provides steadfast support to help prevent and end homelessness.

Every month, the Women’s Center of Wake County provides over 650 meals, 2,280 items of clothing, and 3,800 hygiene items to the women who visit its day shelter. Local volunteers and donors help meet the high demand for these resources each day. The Women’s Center also provides various opportunities for volunteers to help support their mission, whether it’s hosting a meal, providing weekend lunches to-go, sorting donations, or hosting a workshop or activity session.

For more information about the mission of the Women’s Center of Wake County and their volunteer opportunities, please visit

Monica Rowland, Associate Curriculum Designer