Simplify test prep with IXL

Spring is getting closer, and that means testing season is coming up! Whether your students are preparing for end-of-year assessments, standardized tests, or college entrance exams, IXL has built-in tools that can help. Take advantage of these resources that help simplify the test prep process and ensure your students are ready when it’s time to test.

Personalized study plans

Getting your learners ready for college entrance exams? IXL’s personalized study plans for the SAT and ACT guide each student to the exact skills that will improve their scores!  

Students can enter their scores from a previous test or practice test, and the personalized study plan will create a customized list of IXL skills they can work on to improve their performance in each test section. When students update their scores, they’ll get a new list of skills that will help them continue to build their knowledge!

For students who don’t already have scores to enter, IXL also has test prep skill plans for the SAT and ACT, in addition to the NWEA MAP Growth, TABE, and other exams. These skill plans will show students what they need to practice to achieve their target score!

State standards skill plans

IXL has custom-built skills that precisely match the academic standards of all 50 states! Your state standards skill plan shows you a complete list of all of your math and ELA standards, along with the exact IXL skills to practice for each.

Make preparation simple by assigning skills to your class directly from your state’s plan. Then, you can easily check for understanding with built-in analytics that highlight trouble spots, display assignment completion, and show whether you’ve covered the most important standards. Learn more in the standards prep implementation guide. 

IXL Checkpoints

IXL Checkpoints are a powerful tool to assess and address standards readiness. They mirror the rigor of state assessments by challenging students to apply knowledge from multiple concepts. Plus, if students demonstrate gaps in knowledge, IXL provides the exact foundational skills that will help close them.

By assigning Checkpoints at the end of a unit or ahead of an exam, you can evaluate your class’ mastery of important standards, as well as identify students who need more practice with foundational skills. Learn more in the standards readiness implementation guide.

Checkpoints are currently available for 8th grade math, Algebra 1, and Geometry, with more on the way.

View of Skill Analysis Report for checkpoint skills

Real-Time Diagnostic

As you prepare for end-of-year and state assessments, it’s helpful to see exactly what your students know, and how you can help them improve. In as little as 45 minutes, the IXL Real-Time Diagnostic pinpoints students’ grade-level proficiency in math and English language arts. Then, the diagnostic creates a personalized action plan for each student, guiding them to the skills that will accelerate their progress. So you’ll see exactly where students are, and their path towards testing success!

Whether you’re trying to get your class set for state assessments or prime your pupils for the SAT, IXL has tools that can help. To dive into more useful strategies, join our free test prep webinars!