What’s new on IXL – April 2021

At IXL, we strive to keep our personalized learning platform in line and up to date with students’ evolving needs. Each month, we compile a list of our top new features to help you—as a learner, educator, or parent—get the most out of IXL. 

Read on for a roundup of releases from the past month, including IXL Leaderboards, Spring Spotlight skill plans, new reports for district administrators and teachers, additional Spanish support, and more!

New features

Introducing IXL Leaderboards

IXL Leaderboards are a fun way for teachers to keep students excited about learning! Teachers set up friendly competitions by personalizing their leaderboard. They can choose the duration of the contest, what the competition will be based on, and the subjects and grade levels that students compete on. Create leaderboards that last for a week, a month, or a class period, and check student progress throughout the competition. Head to the Awards tab to start your Leaderboard! 

Data-driven instruction with the Checkpoint Performance report

As teachers use checkpoint skills to prepare learners for testing season, the Checkpoint Performance report provides progress data at the class and individual level in those skills. Teachers can view how many students have demonstrated proficiency on a given checkpoint skill, as well as see who is not proficient or has not practiced that checkpoint skill. This helps teachers guide students to the right skills as they get ready for high-stakes exams!

New District Analytics reports

We’ve added six new reports to IXL District Analytics that offer more data and insights to district administrators:

  • District Dashboard: View real-time stats on student learning and achievement across your district based on student practice in the curriculum.
  • Diagnostic Levels: Get a real-time look at whether students are on, above, or below grade level based on their work in the Real-Time Diagnostic.
  • IXL Effect: See the average number of questions answered per student, per week 
  • Skill Gains: Determine which students achieved mastery and proficiency in skills
  • Extended Learning: Receive information on IXL usage, broken down by practice at home and school
  • Teacher Engagement: See teacher activity across the district

These new reports are available to all district-level administrators with Analytics access.

Spanish support extended to K-6 math skills 

We’ve expanded our Spanish language support to include math skills in Kindergarten through grade 6! These skills involve concepts such as counting, shapes, place value, addition with models, finding the area of complex polygons, and more.

New star burst icon highlights up-to-date diagnostic data

We’ve added a “star burst” icon next to the names of students with up-to-date diagnostic data on the Diagnostic Overview report, making it easy for teachers to see if students are on track!

Links between skill plans

You can now jump between different skill plans by using a dropdown menu on the skill plan page. This makes it easier for users to see and navigate between all of the skill plans available for a textbook series, state standards, or a standardized test. 

Test prep essentials available on the Learning Hub

To meet teachers’ priorities through the spring, IXL has updated the educator Learning Hub to provide greater access to our test prep resources! Teachers can access state standards skill plans and test prep skill plans, as well as the IXL for Standards Prep and IXL for Standards Readiness implementation guides. 

Register for IXL’s 2021 Spring Learning Showdown

The Spring Learning Showdown is back and registration is now open! From April 1 through April 30, students will compete on behalf of their classrooms to boost their knowledge. The nine classrooms with the highest average number of questions answered per student on IXL will win a $250 gift card! Check out the full rules to learn how to participate!

Finish the year strong with Spring Spotlight skill plans

We’ve released Spring Spotlight plans for K-12 math and ELA! These plans provide 20 days worth of skill recommendations, with a focus on challenging, summative skills that cover critical topics for each grade level. These plans are perfect for end-of-year review and spring test prep! Check out one of the new plans here.

New science skill plans

Science standards and textbook skill plans are now available! These additions include textbook skill plans for two popular science programs: FOSS Next Generation (grades 2-8) and STEMscopes NGSS 3D (grades 2-3). It also includes standards skill plans for 32 states! 

Read along and aloud with new ELA skills

We have added four reading skills to provide stronger early literacy support! Two of these skills, “Read along with fantasy” and “Read along with realistic fiction,” have audio support that highlights each word as it is being read, allowing students to follow along with the text. The “Read animal fantasy” and “Read passages about animals” skills feature simple literary and informational texts that young learners practice reading independently to build fluency.