Make instruction seamless with IXL’s integrations!

Time is a precious resource in education, and managing many different digital tools often interrupts teachers’ days. Instead of getting bogged down with maintaining sign-in information or keeping track of student assignments, teachers should be free to focus on making a difference in the lives of their students. 

Luckily, IXL offers a variety of integrations that help teachers easily manage their roster, assign skills, and track student progress—all with just a few clicks. Read on to learn how you can simplify classroom workflows using IXL’s Schoology, Canvas, Clever, and Google Classroom integrations!

Google Classroom: Import students, assign skills, and track progress

IXL’s integration with Google Classroom streamlines the process of managing your roster and assigning skills. If you have an IXL classroom or trial subscription, simply visit your IXL roster and click the “Import Students” button, choose the Google Classroom option, and follow the prompts to finish setting up your class in IXL!

When you’re ready to suggest skills for students to work on, it only takes a few clicks. On the skill page, hover over the “Share skill” button near the top right corner, and click the green Google Classroom icon. Then, you can assign the skill to your class, and include a due date as well as any instructions that might be helpful. After your class has completed their assignments, you can track students’ progress in real-time with IXL Analytics!

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Canvas and Schoology: Seamless and simple instruction

Canvas and Schoology are among the most widely-adopted learning management systems (LMS) in North America. IXL’s Canvas and Schoology integrations offer direct access to key IXL features, so that teachers can focus on personalizing daily instruction. 

For example, IXL’s Quick Launcher for each LMS provides one-click access to important IXL tools such as the curriculum, analytics reports, useful teacher resources, and more. 

And to make lesson planning more efficient, educators can assign IXL skills and guide students to the Real-Time Diagnostic for on-demand assessment, all without leaving Canvas or Schoology.

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Clever: Sign on in an instant

Clever is a popular single sign-on (SSO) portal used in K-12 schools nationwide. IXL’s integration utilizes Clever autorostering and SSO to quickly register classrooms and provide a fluid sign-in experience for schools. Students can use Clever’s SSO portal for seamless access to IXL’s award-winning curriculum, Real-Time Diagnostic, and analytics. These features ultimately save valuable instructional time and help students focus on mastering essential skills that are critical for success.

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