5 ways IXL makes ESSER funds more impactful

Summer is here—which means fall is right around the corner! If your school or district is taking this time to refine classroom learning for the coming school year, ESSER funds (granted under the CARES Act) are likely a large part of your discussion. 

Ensure your funding has the most impact for teachers and students by choosing platforms that provide solutions beyond the scope of COVID-19. Here are 5 ways your school or district can use IXL to meet ESSER fund requirements and foster long-lasting growth.  

Accelerate learning for all students 

ESSER funds are intended for use on programs that reach all students, including English language learners, students with disabilities, and low-income students. IXL’s highly adaptive learning platform ensures that every student gets the support they need. With more than 8,500 highly scaffolded skills and 5 subjects to choose from, IXL meets every student exactly where they are, whether they need English language support or remediation on prior grade-level skills. 

Accurately assess proficiency and growth 

Ensuring accelerated learning for all students requires accurate measurements of grade-level proficiency. The IXL Real-Time Diagnostic allows teachers to consistently assess proficiency in math and ELA within 10 key strands. By having students answer just 5-10 questions each week, you can track growth continually throughout the year. Or, define your own benchmark periods with Snapshot mode, which allows you to select times when assessing student proficiency makes the most sense for your school or district. 

Provide targeted instruction 

With ESSER funds, you want to ensure that you’re choosing resources that make classroom instruction as targeted as possible. Teachers can use IXL Analytics to help all students excel with reports that provide actionable insights and support daily instruction. One of IXL’s most popular tools, the Trouble Spots report is useful in identifying and grouping students who need extra support on specific question types. The Live Classroom report allows teachers to identify struggling students in real-time during IXL practice, whether students are working in the classroom or remotely. 

Enhance supplemental learning programs 

For a successful blended learning model, targeted instruction and individual learning go hand in hand. IXL is the perfect platform for summer learning, extended learning, and after-school programs that encourage students to take an active role in their learning journey. With detailed explanations for each incorrect answer, students can self-remediate and work through assigned skills at their own pace. Each student’s Recommendations wall, automatically updated each time they progress through the Real-Time Diagnostic and IXL’s curriculum, ensures that students are mastering skills that are uniquely relevant to them. 

Support teachers with professional development 

Investing in professional development ensures that ESSER-funded resources are being used to their full potential in the classroom. Help your teachers get the most out of IXL with tailored professional learning resources that have a proven impact on student success. From complimentary live webinars to virtual sessions, IXL offers online learning options that fit teachers’ schedules. And on-site experiences—including IXL Live, Dual Session, and Train the Trainer—bring teachers together for an in-depth look at IXL’s comprehensive personalized learning experience.

Ready to get started? Learn more about using IXL for ESSER funding here, or email orders@ixl.com to begin the process today.