5 cool and useful IXL features you may not know about

Want to make using IXL in your classroom even easier? Try out these time-saving features that can help you use IXL even more effectively!


“Jump a Level” Preview

IXL’s new “Jump a Level” feature allows teachers to preview how questions will progress in difficulty in a skill. This is a great way to see the SmartScore range for each rigor level, which can help you set appropriate SmartScore goals for your students. It’s also a great resource if you want to model questions from a particular rigor level for the class!

Share skills to Google Classroom

If you use Google Classroom, be sure to check out the Google Classroom share link located in the top right corner of any skill. This is a big time saver when you are looking to assign skills to your whole class, groups of students, or individual students. With one click, your students will be taken directly to the assigned skill and can get right to work. 

Bonus tip for Google Classroom users: You can now import your roster from Google Classroom!

Textbook and test prep skill plans

It’s now easier than ever to plan your lessons and find relevant IXL skills for your students to work on! IXL is aligned with more than 30 math and ELA textbooks, and our skill plans point you to the best skills to reinforce every chapter. Additionally, we offer skill plans for the ACT, SATs and NWEA MAP Growth. You can even suggest skills for your class right from the skill plan pages!

Learn with an Example

Students on IXL can now learn about a skill before they jump in and start answering questions. If a student is unsure about how to approach a question or simply wants to be sure they are on the right track, they can click on the “Learn with an Example” link located above the first question in any skill. They’ll see a sample question and a detailed explanation for how to solve it.

Suggest skills

Now, you can suggest skills directly to individual students and classes! Plus, students will see all of their suggested skills on their Recommendations wall. Read all about it in this blog post!